Weekly Writing Wrap-Up #2

Since last Friday, I have written 7,500 words for a short story/novelette set in the City of Crows universe that will be published as a Ko-Fi exclusive short at the end of this month. The short is called “Intangible,” and it’s set between Storm Master (City of Crows #8) and Night Seeker, the forthcoming ninth book in the series. After I finish “Intangible,” I’ll get back to writing Night Seeker, which should be out in early June.

I’ve been trying to build a daily writing habit rather than set a word count goal so that I write a little bit every day and make continual progress. I feel like I get more written that way rather than when I try to get myself to write a certain number of words by a strict deadline. Every time I have a word count goal, the stress ramps up my anxiety, and then my executive function kicks in…and I don’t get very much written at all. 😫

The daily writing habit, I think, will be much more productive for me in the long run, regardless of how many average words I write per day.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at right now. “Intangible” will be published to Ko-Fi soon, and then I’ll be solely focused on Night Seeker till I finish the draft.

I’m hoping that next week will be a great writing week too!

— Clara Coulson