Introducing the Clara Coulson FB Group!

In the interest of keeping in touch with readers and giving you all a continually updating source of information, I've created a brand new Facebook group called Clara Coulson's Book Club.

If you join the group, you'll gain access to all the latest news about the City of Crows series (and my other books), such as: writing and editing progress, covers for upcoming books, release dates, and print edition giveaways. 

In addition, you'll get to discuss current books with other fans. You can post about theories, questions, your favorite characters—pretty much anything about the books you've read.

The Book Club is simply a casual Facebook hangout where I'll post official stuff from time to time and you can have fan discussions whenever you like.

If you're interested, head on over there now and request to join! I look forward to seeing you!


Clara Coulson