Unleashing Creative Thrills: From Mysteries to Poker

As planned, I successfully completed and published "The Shape of Terror," the second book in my Jonah Lane paranormal mystery series, using my alternate pen name A.J. Burnes. It was a challenging but rewarding process, as I dedicated myself to writing nearly 30,000 words throughout the month to complete the first draft. Following that, I meticulously edited the manuscript, trimming it down by approximately 1,000 words to achieve the final draft of the book.

With "The Shape of Terror" out in the world, I am now eager to dive into my next writing endeavor for the month of February. I am embarking on a brand-new series titled "Uncanny Crime Log," starting with the first book, "Under the Sun." This series will delve into the realm of urban fantasy crime thrillers, featuring a federal agent who specializes in resolving supernatural or "uncanny" crimes.

In addition to my literary pursuits, I am also exploring new horizons in my personal life. Recently, I have developed an interest in the fascinating world of online poker. The strategic aspects of the game, the psychological nuances, and the adrenaline rush it provides have captured my attention. I select rooms where to play here https://cardmates.org/pokerrooms.

I believe that immersing myself in the realm of online poker will not only bring me new experiences but also enhance my creative thinking and decision-making skills, which will undoubtedly reflect in my future writing endeavors.

My goal is to complete "Under the Sun" by the end of February, allowing me to promptly proceed to book two in the series. By doing so, I aim to establish a strong foundation for the Uncanny Crime Log series before returning to work on "City of Crows" and the next installment of the Jonah Lane series in late spring or early summer.

I am genuinely excited about the upcoming season and the potential for productivity and creativity it holds. I am eager to bring these new and captivating projects to life through my writing and share them with readers. Here's to a productive spring ahead filled with new and exciting publications!