Some Tips for Reviewing!

If you're new to book reviewing, and aren't sure what you're "supposed" to say, here are a few tips, courtesy of author Tamara Palmer.

Answer some of the following questions:
• What feeling did [book title] leave with you? 
• Would you compare [book title] to other books you’ve read? If so, what do they have in common with [book title]? What books is it like?
• What feelings did the book capture well?
• Was there a uniqueness about the book that you’d like to convey?
• Was there something this book did that you haven’t seen done before, or haven’t seen done a lot?
• Did you finish it really quickly? Was it a page turner? Did you stay up all night to finish it?


Possible themes to discuss:
• Growth of the main characters
• Development of the supernatural elements/world-building
• The unfolding of the main mystery plot
• Development of character relationships
• Humor/sarcasm in the narration/dialogue


Possible starters:
• I picked up this book because _________________. 
• I was surprised to find ____________
• I really liked __________. 
• I especially liked _________.
• I love how the book __________.
• After the book was over I felt _____________. 
• I would recommend this book to [describe the type of reader].