Until they were eleven years old, identical twins Saul and Tanner Reiz were inseparable. Then a terrible accident sent Saul spiraling down a delinquent path that ultimately spurred him to run away from home. And so Tanner wandered into an average adulthood alone, while Saul wandered into something altogether…different.

But when a case of mistaken identity unexpectedly throws Tanner and Saul back together after twelve long years of separation, the brothers find themselves stumbling through a race to stop a dangerous magic conspiracy that’s been building in the shadows of the world for generations.


Cal Kinsey is a newly minted detective at the Department of Supernatural Investigations. By day, the agents of DSI are mocked as “Kooks” by local law enforcement. By night, they’re known as “Crows” and reviled by the supernatural underworld.

Thrust into the middle of ancient rivalries, complex conspiracies, and budding wars, Cal has to hit the ground running in his new detective role in order to protect his beloved city from the things that go bump in the night. 

Because if DSI falls to the dark side of the supernatural, the human world falls with them.


Seven years ago, the exposure of the paranormal led to the tumultuous downfall of human society. Now, the legions of the fae rule the broken world, and humanity has nothing left but a handful of protected cities and a heaping helping of regret.

Enter Vincent Whelan. Half fae and former cop, he's become the best-known stretch scavenger in Kinsale, North Carolina, braving the "stretches" outside his city to recover precious items lost in the collapse.

But when a new job with an odd twist blows onto his doorstep, Vince finds himself unwittingly drawn into a vast conspiracy lurking underneath Kinsale's thin veneer of civilization.


Two years ago, Kat King was abducted by a mysterious organization known as Advent 9 and subjected to harsh experiments involving magic and mayhem. Now, she’s escaped—and she intends to keep her freedom. Using the only two things that A9 couldn’t take away: her stubbornness and an attitude that can make a grown man cry.

Three years ago, Liam Crown was a star detective with a penchant for magic tricks. And then an accident killed his family, cost him his job, and sent him spiraling into alcoholism. But when a mysterious woman crashes into his life, he gets dragged back into the danger zone and finds that his old self is slowly waking up.